This workshop will enable the participants to build a robot with vision processing capabilities. The workshop covers image processing fundamentals and their implementation by using some of the unique software tools. This workshop introduces the fundamentals of image processing, using MATLAB for working with images and then building a ball follower application. On the way, the participants will also learn how to interface a camera with PC, capture real time images, do image processing and control your robot. The duration of this workshop is 2 days(total: 16 hrs).

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Session 1: Introduction

  • Introduction of image processing
  • Available tools and software
  • Basics of algorithms
  • Image processing and Robotics

Session 2: MATLAB Basics

  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • Matrix operations
  • Functions in MATLAB
  • Real time Image and Audio acquisition
  • Brief introduction about various tool boxes n MATLAB
  • Code optimization and improving performance

Session 3: Image Processing

  • A. Basic Image Terminology
    • Understanding various image attributes like luminance, hue, intensity, texture, pixel
    • Various Image-types and understanding Image parameters
    • Exploring different color Spaces and their applications
    • Importing and exporting images in MATLAB
    • Finding image pixel values and converting image formats
  • B. Image Acquisition
    • Connecting the hardware(webcam) and retrieving hardware information
    • Using the Image acquisition toolbox
    • Acquiring live image using webcam
    • Reading stored image in PCs
  • C. Image Enhancement Techniques
    • Adjusting image intensity
    • Image histogram equalization
    • Lighting compensation
    • Using arithmetic functions to enhance images
  • D. Image Processing Approaches and Implementation
    • Spatial and Frequency domain
    • Pros and Cons of Spatial and Frequency domain approaches
    • Color space transformation
    • Threshold setting
    • Binary operations on image
    • Edge Detection

Session 4: Introduction to Atmel's ATmega328 microcontroller

  • What is microcontroller
  • Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
  • Microcontroller architecture and its peripherals
  • Microcontroller programming in embedded C
  • Basic input/output interfacing examples
  • Capability of microcontroller

Session 5: Arduino IDE

  • Introduction to arduino
  • Setting up an arduino environment
  • Compilation and debugging
  • Writing and uploading sketches to arduino
  • Using external libraries

Session 6: Data communication and development of ball follower machine

  • Exploring different modes of communication between PC and other Devices
  • Serial and Parallel communication(Com Ports and LPT Ports)
  • Creating Objects in MATLAB
  • Robot navigation using Com Port and LPT Ports
  • Algorithm development
  • Live and Continuous image processing
  • Programming and Simulation for on-bot camera based navigation system

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