We focus on the development of modern technologies that cater to the needs of the modern society. Our research work spreads over all major domains including Embedded Systems, Robotics, Computer Vision, Sensor-based technologies etc. The diversity and breadth of our portfolio of research, consulting and technology solutions, uniquely distinguishes us from other companies in the industry. The proto-types we design and build using these technologies have very diverse applications in various critical fields like advanced biomedical care, defence, intelligent industrial automation etc.

As a part of our educational initiative, we also conduct workshops and project-training sessions all over the country. Our aim is to encourage the young and curious minds to think out of the box and ensure their active participation in innovating the current technology. A young mind full of ideas can achieve the unimaginable with a proper guidance and little motivation. With this motto in mind, we design our workshop and training activities in a way so as to make you realize the researcher inside you. Our ingeniously crafted demos state our belief in 'learning-through-doing' philosophy which is already becoming a trend-changing phenomenon in the world of technology education.

We thrive upon innovation that matters - for our organisation and for the world.